a simple wedding party

when i was asked if i would do some decorations for my friend jen's wedding, i instantly said 'yes', with the next step being putting together an inspiration board on pinterest. jen's pretty relaxed about this sort of thing, and the mood was delicate and simple. we wanted pastel colors and some brights, as well as a tie in with her yarn shop. it was held outside at old fort jackson, on the savannah river.

i recreated the washi bunting from her cactus store opening gift. the twigs were collected from my backyard, then wound with bits of colorful wool roving.

recycled paper was laid down to cover the picnic tabletops; giant binder clips work amazingly well to secure it. going for a good mix of delicate and large flowers, along with cotton still on the stem, each table was set with a mason jar of blooms. it was fun to arrange the flowers; we picked up a couple of bunches of flowers and one bouquet, which i separated, then arranged into ten jars.

it was just right for jen and connor's wedding festivities. 


tweaking the same old, same old

when not at my 9-5, my time has been spent on some projects i've been working on to bring a little transformation to my living space. mostly small details to things i already own. recently, i was finally able to acquire a set of linen sheets; which beyond the expected visual treat, makes going to sleep at night a delightful pleasure.

but then i needed to spruce up the sadly worn yellow striped bolster cover. with a linen one (of course), made of an antique flour sack i came across years ago and which has been languishing in my closet. it's soft to the touch, almost like flannel, but very thickly spun and woven. i had just enough material, with some creative patchwork and different linen endcaps, to recover the entire length.

which led to replacing the simple nightstand lamp with a cheeky edison steampunk concoction i was inspired to make after obsessing over an anthropologie version on pinterest. a bit of legwork to hardware, antique stores, and hobby shops combined with things i already had, and i was able to create something of the feel of the original. it's very nifty, and the delicate bits are safe from the kitties and dust.

after a little rearranging of the pictures above the lamp, i'm quite content with the feel of the space; still mine, just renewed.


what's in a name?

i came across a name while reading a book last night, and it's stuck in my head as a most interesting name. serafina nightingale. if ever i have need of a pseudonym, it would be that.


the coming end of summer

i've collected together all the various bits and pieces of natural ephemera which i've picked up over the years and put them on display. delicate and fragile, they don't do well to be handled overly much; forget dusting. i should get a small bell jar. strange seed pods, feathers, silk bits, seashells, insects, and a skeleton tree frog.

for this year's ga national fair, i've decided to submit some of the handspun i've kept. i've been parting with the majority of what i spin to sell on consignment at the lys. it would be encouraging to win some ribbons, and funds for further purchases. the deadline for submission is coming nigh and i've only two ounces of a dusty stone cashmere remaining to be plied.

i've been busy, but not necessarily creative these last months. however, i managed to sew a new cosy for my porcelain japanese tea pot. using australian merino blanket remnants, natural linen remnants, and wool fiber for stuffing, i created a subtle and tactile two-pot cosy accented with a cognac velvet ribbon and dyed shell buttons. i think it matches the aesthetic of the tea pot beautifully. it's pure pleasure to use them both in my morning tea time routine.


time makes swift progress

i've been productive, just not blogging. the local tea room commissioned 35 service tea cozies, made from a variety of fabric, reversible, and for 2-cup and 6-cup brown betty teapots, which they sell in the gift shop. i'm just finishing up the last 10. it's interesting making something that's you but not; i.e. the material isn't of my choosing, but i paired the combinations together and sewed them all. i find that i'm not at all bereft from parting with them, and though i can mentally acknowledge them, there isn't a thrill of excitement or burst of thoughts going through me when someone buys one and when i see them in the shop. perhaps there isn't the connection with them that i usually have when i create something from conception to finish. or perhaps it's because i knew from the start that they weren't "mine". hmm.

well, summer is well and truly here, with hot, humid, buggy weather and ac blasting in every building. my baby cactus has certainly grown since last featured on the blog; it's a year older and an inch taller. currently residing amongst my orchids in the window. a bit like a cuckoo bird, but strangely doing well amongst it's moisture loving fellows.