a simple wedding party

when i was asked if i would do some decorations for my friend jen's wedding, i instantly said 'yes', with the next step being putting together an inspiration board on pinterest. jen's pretty relaxed about this sort of thing, and the mood was delicate and simple. we wanted pastel colors and some brights, as well as a tie in with her yarn shop. it was held outside at old fort jackson, on the savannah river.

i recreated the washi bunting from her cactus store opening gift. the twigs were collected from my backyard, then wound with bits of colorful wool roving.

recycled paper was laid down to cover the picnic tabletops; giant binder clips work amazingly well to secure it. going for a good mix of delicate and large flowers, along with cotton still on the stem, each table was set with a mason jar of blooms. it was fun to arrange the flowers; we picked up a couple of bunches of flowers and one bouquet, which i separated, then arranged into ten jars.

it was just right for jen and connor's wedding festivities. 

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