the great marshmallow puff

so i decided to change echo's outfit, well actually, make her a new one. during the unclothing i figured it would be a good time to finish her body blushing; mainly the nipples, belly button, vagina and buttock region. it turned out well and she looks finished.

the dress i made for her is cream and very pouffy, i was inspired by the dresses of erin fetherston from a few seasons ago. i like her work, both girly and so very deliciously wearable.


ze wall

quite a few people have magazines or books in their bathrooms. i've got a wall of art. they all serve a purpose; something to do when you find yourself unable to get up for a bit of time. so i thought i'd share my art gallery: a painting by jennifer davis, alice in wonderland string puppets, and three collage dresses of my own.


into the dolls' house

an overall view of the house; not minding the upstairs bathroom renovation currently underway. i have plans for two tables, one in the kitchen (preferably round, two chairs), and one in the living room in front of the windows (rectangular, one bench, two chairs). i have yet to come upon tables i like and may end up creating them myself. the kitchen is about 95% complete otherwise.

you can see further photos of the kitchen cabinets on my flickr space. they were from an original kit by elf miniatures and came out excellent by the way.

long time no see

strange, but hectic. if asked to describe the month of june those would be choice words. to paraphrase that month using only several quick snapshots of moments would read as follows; a wedding, las vegas, an awesome skirt, hankies, and a modern kitchen redo. more on the kitchen to be posted.
"snack time" by apak