favoritism in a bottle

my favorite color, now in liquid form. thanks to the creative forces at sparitual i can have my nails painted robin egg blue any day of the year. they must have been thinking of me and rewarding my loyalty. oh, and i found my bathtub, and japanese style bread crumbs. yum.


the wallpaper has come home

let me first start off with saying that contact cement is a pain. and that the angle of the roof is a pain. and that applying wallpaper on a small scale is still a pain. the wallpapering job is not perfect. nope. because the thing with contact cement is that once contact has been made, it stays, imperfections and all.

but other than those things, i likes it a lot. it's very balanced when all is said and done. and enveloping, like a green house. the star nook is lovely as it's set off with the lavender paper.
i decided to install the cork covered sink, and there's a stool in the room for towels. today i shall go a bathtub hunting. hopefully this venture will be successful as i generally stay away from most if not all forms of mall, be they strip or otherwise.


the mini reveal

i decided to scan the wallpapers before i hang them on the walls. of the three i have to say the first one is my favorite. i like how the rock and planter came out, also the standing bird. i'm not sure how they're all going to look together and set at the angle of the roof. enveloping perhaps.

next step is to adhere the panels to the wall using contact cement. there are two reasons for this choice; one, i can later remove them if i would like, and two, the paper isn't 100% flat so i need an instant bond for it to be smooth. one reason against using contact cement would be the long term archival properties; i'm assuming contact cement isn't good in that department.


this armoire was made for living

when i settle on the right paper, i plan on wallpapering the inside of the armoire. i think it would be a nice surprise. i know it would make me happy to see such a pretty detail in a somewhat plain exterior. like the hidden world that's inside people.

getting the armoire turned out to be a good mistake. it feels so at home in the master bedroom. thanks to elizabeth at elf miniatures for crafting such an exceptionaly fine piece; the wood finish is so smooth and the doors slide like butta.
as a treat i'm leaving you with another peek from the bathroom remodel.


just a peek...

...of what i've been up to. i am in the middle of finishing the bathroom in the dollhouse. i was inspired by an armoire to conclude that the bathroom must have chinoiserie wallpaper. and that that wallpaper was to be lavender gray. how i came to this juncture is still somewhat a mystery to me. as you will see tomorrow, the connection from this armoire to the fanciful imaginings of chinoiserie wallpaper is peculiar.
this is a sample of the drawings that will act as guide to the later application of paint.


say it isn't so

my allergy tests came back yesterday. it's actually pretty funny. so i have absolutely 0 allergic response to gluten. but i am significantly allergic to egg whites. go figure. i guess this past year of avoiding gluten was good practice for now avoiding egg whites. i'm going to miss my non-gluten alternative desserts at restaurants; flan, flourless chocolate torte, rice pudding, creme brulee, tapioca pudding, ice cream, and macarons. i'm also going to miss quiche. i've read about a good alternative using tofu though. i'm not allergic to egg yolk, so that part of the egg can still be baked with at home.
and funnily enough i still have to avoid all of the same things when eating out; pasta, bread, baked goods, dressings, soups, egg rolls, battered fish. and a few new things; fried rice, egg in my pad thai, tamago sushi. bleh. so everything and nothing has changed.
i also have moderate allergies to pineapple, cow milk, pinto beans, kale, alfalfa, asparagus, and vanilla. the vanilla one is a bit of a kicker. i really like natural vanilla in everything i bake, but i guess if i only eat what i bake every four days i'll be ok. i hope. or i can switch to vanilin. yuck.


the briney sea

so this year for christmas i was determined to hand craft all of the gifts i would be giving. my brother had mentioned that he would like a painting for his apartment; just no "girly" colors like the last two paintings i had given him. "girly" of course being robin egg blue, baby pink, and lime green. obviously. i guess he just doesn't realize that pink was a male color, it being derived from red, and blue being a female color as it is generally more delicate, less fearsome. thus i went with yellow and blue. i choose to not see gender in color, as pink goes well with most complexions and should be worn more often. a good example being india. and giving nothing up of myself, as i quite like those two colors together, i painted him this octopus and jellyfish. i prefer to see it as a cloudy sky, the octopus coming into the picture on the diagonal; but is it friend or foe to the little jellyfish?


soft and strange

i try to not visit yarn stores. i seem to collect single skeins of lovely spun cotton, wool, and silk. which means i never seem to knit outside of the occasional scarf, there being only one ball of yarn; great for christmas time, not so much for when you see a scrumptious cardigan or a delectable pillow. i'd love to knit a tea cozy, but have yet to find a teapot with which to grace one. so, with some reticence i entered the doors of a local yarn store, wild fibre, and found myself not five minutes later walking towards the register with a ball of something soft, something colorful, and something i haven't a clue what to do with.

this is the something of which i speak.

if i were to spin it, what would happen to the delicate rivers of color? what would transpire if one were to felt with such insubstantial fluffiness? alas, i feel this one ball of silkworm essence will stay in its current form. to be admired with the eyes and patted from time to time to regal in the magic of touch.

all the color is bleaching out...

i look forward to domino every month. there was a time when i stopped their subscription; when it seemed as if every article was interrupted halfway through by an ad. i even wrote them a letter telling them to please stop this, as it was rather annoying. i was having flashbacks from my better homes and gardens days. now, it would seem that lack of those same ads is one reason it folded. yes, the last few issues were showcasing things a little out of most people's budgets, but that never bothered me. i don't actually buy much of anything i see in magazines; be they cheap or pricey. i loved domino because of the flair they had, their eye in photographing amazing homes and businesses. there were so many ideas and so much eye-candy. every issue had at least one thing i had to tag for later inspiration; most used up a major portion of the sticky tags they include.
one would think that in the depressing era we have to go through to pay for the last eight years, things that are simply beautiful to look at would be treasured and kept away from extinction. flighty, whimsical, unnecessary little jewels of fantasy are what we need to brighten our days, to take us away if even for a moment from the cares and needs and drudgery of reality. it's no wonder that the golden era of cinema was during the last great depression.
victoria magazine was revived, medium was brought back, heck even scrubs is airing new episodes. perhaps one day we will again see domino gracing the newsstands and pushing daisies on the television schedule. till then, at least i have the back issues to browse, tag, and admire.