tea cozy competition

please vote for my "milk & honeybees" tea cozy! follow this link to the larkin tea website. many thanks and gratitude!


spring means flowers

it also means a renewal of creative energy. between spinning yarn, sewing, knitting a tunic, and planning, i managed to knit a tea cozy for a competition. usually i'm not a terribly big fan of knitting. i think it's because i need to rely on a pattern and even with a swatch i'm not always certain of the finished size; and it's not like you can rip out seams and cut down the fabric to resize, or sew on another trim to make it larger, or that you can make a muslin mockup first. as well, it becomes disconcerting ripping out rows of yarn and restitching several times. so when i say that this cozy was an effort and that i'm glad teapots come in various sizes, you can take it to mean that to get exactly what i had envisioned was a trial. i'm just merry that it is as cute as it is!

not everything is focused on textiles this month; orchids are another thing which interests me. i have eight which i've recently repotted and am looking for signs of growth every time i water them. this past weekend there was an orchid show at the local mall. seeing all the varieties of shape and species is amazing! they're so exotic, but familiar, garish and humble, dazzling and so alive. i snapped many photos, but don't want to become too "family photos from our recent vacation" like, and so will share only some random favorites.


the inequalities that gall me

there were two major explosions in america this week that took lives. so why were the culprits of only one of them pursued with laser-like focus and charged with manslaughter? why are businesses that take human life through carelessness and greed treated differently than those that take human life with guns and bombs? though the weapon is different the intent is not. when you do something that you know will bring destruction and the lose of life, is it not inherently "murder"? when will we punish those that hide behind the shield of "business" like we punish individuals who take the life of another?