make it work

i can never get a good photo of the dollhouse in its entirety; the angles get all wacky and you always lose one of the floors. so i made a collage combining nice shots of each room. it's a bit wonky and askew, but i like the results; it feels closer to how it is in reality.

hmm, if i added cobwebs, some bats in the attic, dark shadows, and toned down the colors a bit i could have a really cool haunted house for halloween. photoshop here i come!


almost halloween time? yipee!

my favorite month has to be october; my birthday, the real start of fall, halloween, pumpkin ice cream, candy apples. yes, a most excellent month.

for every holiday, i make a card for my great aunt who is 97 this year. so for halloween this is the card i've made, the great inspiration being candy (come on, we all know that's what it's about). i was planning on making a max costume, from where the wild things are, but time seems to have slipped away from me. i was a japanese lolita, the frills and ruffles type, last year and everyone thought i was little bo peep. well, there's still fourish weeks left.


if i had a pygmy hedgehog...

i would name her wilhelmina humperdink, and lola would be her pet name for when she was particularly cute and impish.

but for an absurd reason it is illegal to have one in georgia.


a dress for the party

well, in my convalescence i was able to finish the dress i started a month ago. i'm really very thrilled, a lot of it was hand stitching, with some machine stitching along the skirt and waist connection. i was inspired when i saw the above photo in vogue a couple of months ago. the print reminded me of the nani iro coururiere fabric, and i thought "i can do this...but not this short".

surprisingly, it turned out just as i had imagined when i started. the sash is a piece that i made during metals casting, i used the lost wax method; it's of an ammonite. the ribbon is in one of my favorite colors, chartreuse. overall it's a very bright dress, i love it. i have a wedding to go to next summer and i'll wear this, as well as my birthday next month.


hazardous duty

well, updates to etsy are going to be a little long in coming; hopefully by early next week. i've had a bit of a set back, physical in nature. i've seriously bruised my knee and may have broken my big toe. it figures that the first time in months that i've set foot in a mall something bad happens.

i had some unexpected free time yesterday and decided to look for moviestop, maybe get some $5 dvd's. i thought it would be by gamestop, and headed in that direction when one of those pesky kiosk people diverted my attention for one moment and i stepped in someones inconsiderately left liquid mess on the tile floor and crashed onto one knee severely twisting my big toe in the process.

i'm making it my fall resolution to never step foot inside a mall again, i hate malls, i never should have gone in the first place. plus, i'm getting a root canal and crown tomorrow morning. yea for local anesthesia! oh, and moviestop is in a strip next to the mall. blech.


my little display area

here are some photos of the display i had at @home. i like the tallness of everything. i'll be posting all of the pieces that didn't sell on my etsy store within the week; i just need to get pricing on shipping when the post office opens on monday.


looks like sorbet

i've started work on the dress that i bought the nani iro coururiere fabric for. the bodice is all pinned, i just need to pick up thread that matches the scrumptious salmon pink. it just so happens that i was also working on a cushion yesterday that could really use some of that fabric, so it kind of kick started my actions.

i made this one shorter, much more a long rectangle than the previous ones. this size is good, it's about 9.5" x 16". i'm really enjoying all of the linen material that i bought from variegated, the variety and differing thicknesses of the weave are incredibly nice.

the nani iro fabric is really very incredible, when you just have small sections of the greater piece all of the little details like the lace, dots, and hems are quite beautiful. the creative possibilities in this one print are numerous.


the influence of tv

over the summer i've been sporadically watching a show on tv called bones; it has quickly become one of my favorite programs. the lead characters are really wonderful to watch, the sexual tension between them is very nice to see unfurl over the course of seasons, all of the little changes and progressions. temperance bronner (aka bones) is amazing, i can completely connect with so many of her quirks. the other characters mesh so well into the whole storyline, creating a wonderfully complex and original show. it airs on thursday nights, which is good, as i needed a replacement for my name is earl, which was cancelled.

it's funny how watching a show or reading a book can start to influence your art. when i finished the front of my second wall panel i saw the back as a cross section of a city; with the bones of the dead below, hidden from all, and the living going about their lives in the buildings above.