time makes swift progress

i've been productive, just not blogging. the local tea room commissioned 35 service tea cozies, made from a variety of fabric, reversible, and for 2-cup and 6-cup brown betty teapots, which they sell in the gift shop. i'm just finishing up the last 10. it's interesting making something that's you but not; i.e. the material isn't of my choosing, but i paired the combinations together and sewed them all. i find that i'm not at all bereft from parting with them, and though i can mentally acknowledge them, there isn't a thrill of excitement or burst of thoughts going through me when someone buys one and when i see them in the shop. perhaps there isn't the connection with them that i usually have when i create something from conception to finish. or perhaps it's because i knew from the start that they weren't "mine". hmm.

well, summer is well and truly here, with hot, humid, buggy weather and ac blasting in every building. my baby cactus has certainly grown since last featured on the blog; it's a year older and an inch taller. currently residing amongst my orchids in the window. a bit like a cuckoo bird, but strangely doing well amongst it's moisture loving fellows.