pom pom!

while wandering around the local yarn store, i happened upon a set of pom pom makers. usually i'm not all that interested in such tools, but this time was different. maybe it was the pastel colors, or a blog post i recently read, or maybe that they were made by clover. whatever it was, i picked them up.

when i got home i grabbed a bag of thrums i'd been saving (leftover warp ends from weaving), and started wrapping. this little doodad is really easy to use, and fun actually. i made a big one in old gold, then a little one in yellows, then inspiration struck! i could make pom poms for the tips of my spindle cosies! a couple of pom poms later, and i'm still fascinated. i see a future collection budding. pom poms, who knew?


winter slowdown

i've not been particularly active in the creation area lately. however, i skeined the cream cashmere i'd been working on these last few months. comparing it to others i've spun, it's the finest in size. which is why it probably took so long to spin. the results are so soft and pretty though, so it was worth it. happily, i've got some warm grey cashmere fiber to spin up in my hoard. because these fibers are so fine, i feel as if i should only spin them up laceweight.

following in jean's footsteps, i went through all of my handspun and labeled each skein with the fiber type, yardage, and year created. i'm glad i decided to do that, as i had trouble remembering when and what for a couple of them. luckily, i've been fairly good at documenting my spinning on this blog.