time doing what?!

well december and january have been a little busy. i think so anyway. it feels like they were. i took some time to go to las vegas to visit my 96 year old aunt. while there, i watched a whole lot of price is right, wheel of fortune, and jeopardy; of the three i would fare best at price is right even though i don't purchase 98% of what they price.

with some of the time from the last month i've been knitting my second ever sweater which i hope to actually finish, unlike the first. i came across an awesome sweater from a danish company "lolly's laundry" while visiting blogs, fell in love with it, then found out i couldn't order it. so, i began to think that "hey , i'm pretty sure i know how this thing was put together", bought some malabrigo organic cotton yarn, a size 6 circular needle, and started knitting. the front panels, back panel, and collar are about finished, and then the sleeves and pockets shouldn't take long. another month perhaps, with time taken from here and there. i'll post photos when i'm done.

another time sponge has been this awesome game i got second hand for christmas. it's called "katamari damacy". pure eye-candy, absolute fun, hilarious, and definitely good for multiple replays. the games' main character, "the king of all cosmos", is eclectic, weird, kooky, metrosexual, and every conversation is primed for the loony bin; but i love him, it's hard not to. i've finished 85% of the game, mostly i just have two presents to wrap up, some items to collect, and i want a bigger taurus. luckily for me they made a sequel, "we love katamari".
i'm saving $ for my long-term-won't-have-to-buy-another-before-i-die sewing machine, a pfaff select 3.0. dual feed, multiple hemming feet, pleating, and it handles like a dream.

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