the wallpaper has come home

let me first start off with saying that contact cement is a pain. and that the angle of the roof is a pain. and that applying wallpaper on a small scale is still a pain. the wallpapering job is not perfect. nope. because the thing with contact cement is that once contact has been made, it stays, imperfections and all.

but other than those things, i likes it a lot. it's very balanced when all is said and done. and enveloping, like a green house. the star nook is lovely as it's set off with the lavender paper.
i decided to install the cork covered sink, and there's a stool in the room for towels. today i shall go a bathtub hunting. hopefully this venture will be successful as i generally stay away from most if not all forms of mall, be they strip or otherwise.

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  1. This paper is dreamy and ethereal. I like it. I struggle with Spray77 so congrats on getting the upper hand with the contact cement.