choosing to move the piece

reading a post from a fellow artist in blogland made me think about something i keep putting off; being happy with how 75% of my life is going, and feeling rather like a mushroom, content with my place in the forest beneath the heavy canopy, i keep avoiding making a physical move to another part of the country. in my mind i yearn to change; wanting a new creative surrounding, hoping i can encounter and thrive with other talents, growing and shaping my creativity, taking yet another step towards maturity and growth of self.
but in my heart i don't want to give up the things i have here. maybe it's not so much a mind vs. heart choice, as a choice to overcome my fears and current level of comfort. it's comfortable in my life with the exception of a few sticky thorns that i want to interpret as signs of needing change. but is only a little change neccesary or a much more drastic change?
at what point do you throw caution to the wind and take a chance? how many walls do you build to limit yourself before you realize you don't like walls?
there are days that i'm scared to death of moving, and days where i'm scared of losing myself if i don't move. live through the journey, i say to myself; but how to gather the strength to begin?

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