again with the collecting!

i came across selvedge magazine a little bit ago, then really started paying attention last month. what made me jump and get them all was an offer they have going on and i just couldn't resist. i am so very very glad i did get them; oh my, the inspiration, wealth of textile knowledge, the eye candy, the weight of each page is pure bliss.

i told myself i could get them on one condition; i would have to read, yes, actually read, every single bit even if i didn't at first want to. so ever so slowly i work my way through from cover to cover. and speaking of covers, the back ones are yummy, featuring one delicious marimekko print every issue.


  1. Wow, I might have to do this too! It is too tempting...

  2. but so worth it to have all of that textile information right at hand, and the photos are just lovely.