the speed of things

i have begun my first real weaving undertaking. using the warp i dyed during our guild meeting in june and rag strips cut from the remnants of juyeon's project, i am weaving a rag rug table runner. there are little tags of cloth sticking out on the back from where i am weaving in a new strip; they remind me of fortune cookie sayings, i think there's an embroidery or printing project there.

i have about a foot left to weave, then it's off the loom, tidied up and on to my next challenge. there's something so tranquil about the back and forth motions, the pulling and tightening of the warp, the ever thickening roll at your knees of material you've just created.

i am excited about warping my loom here at home, and being able to weave something from all the yarns i've collected. linen, ramie, raw silk, hemp, organic cotton; these are the materials i want to work with. someday, soon.


  1. That´s a charming blog you have here - glad I came by - + good luck with the avocado dye...

  2. thank you! your's is very inspiring! my avocado experiment turned out well, i'll be posting them in a bit.