putting a new face on things

i've suped up my loom. it's almost frankenstein-ish with the different depths of wood color; warm honey on the old parts, pale cream on the new. i wonder how long it will take to age the new cherry parts so there's more harmony?

as i've been learning how to weave on some dorset looms, it's becoming habit to place your shuttles or ruler in front of you or above the loom; but the baby wolf is without a convenient flat area. so, to correct this problem i purchased the baby wolf high castle tray and the baby wolf trap (when searching, use schacht with the other words just because those three words alone bring up horrid things). and now i feel as if i've gotten a professional set-up here.

the trap came with a black nylon sling, which had to go; it would have been like having a black hole in ones lap, sucking up all the creative energy and light. i searched through my stack of selvedged linen and found a beautiful slubby bit that would be long and wide enough, cut it to shape and sewed it up. i like the softness, durability, and weave of this cloth, plus the neutral color is nice against the wood. no fighting with whatever i'm weaving.

next, time to find a bench!

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