i have tried my hand at kasuri weaving, and i love it! take some little learning mishaps (but they're good, because you learn more that way), and slow dawning of understanding, add a little time, voila! a kasuri sampler. i want to do more.

the tying of the kasuri areas, to protect them from the dye, was a tiny bit painful; but with practice, those muscles and digits will be in tip top shape! i'm still not sure if it was easier tying bigger sections, or little sections. hmm.

the warping of the kasuri was not as traumatizing as i suspected. plus, i learned of an amazing doodad to help with tensioning. it's called a kasuri zurashiki. i want. will post photos when object of desire is acquired.

sensei had some amazing samples of past student work. for future reference, i drew pictures and took photos. i've posted two of my favorite pieces, detail shots. well, more kasuri creating tomorrow, and this time on silk!

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