ooh, shopping!

i've compiled a list of some really neat shopping and eating places while in kyoto. it's the non-touristy, things kyoto really does well type of shopping.

shijo-dori area:
mina perhonen; beautiful! check out the 4th floor for remnants
basement level of takashimaya; pan
6th floor of takashimiya; wooden bento
basement level of daimaru; tea sweets, honey
basement level of fujii-daimaru; organic produce
nomura-tailor; floors 1-3; fabric, pinbacks, sewing notions
lisn; really modern and incredible natural japanese incense

itoh kumihimoten; just gorgeous silk kumihimo
sou-sou; really awesome tabi shoes
gallery kei; amazing unique textiles from japan's past, ramie, banana fiber, shifu
ippodo; matcha tea, ocha tea, tea tasting and brewing demonstration
kamiji kakimoto; washi store

kyoto station:
malebranche; delicious matcha and white chocolate cookies, matcha icecream

kitayama station:
la droguerie; buttons, ribbon, liberty tana lawn, sequins
kamigamo handmade market; 4th sunday of the month

shijo-dori to oike-dori, btwn karasuma-dori and kawaramachi-dori:
lin-net; linen fabric, linen clothes, linen bias tape, linen thread
avril; love habu textiles? you'll like avril.
kyoto design house; fabulous locally made things
ippudo; yummy fresh ramen, i ate here four times
konnamonjya; tofu doughnuts

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