an enchantment of words

i realized that i haven't posted anything about books lately; you would never know i was an avid reader. here's a little rundown of my current reading pile:

always a favorite, author patricia a. mckillip's latest piece, the bards of bone plain, was a little hard for me to get into at first. it was a lovely story, with interesting loops and connections to figure out, memorable characters, and wonderfully heavy on the vivid descriptions; and yet, i feel that it reminded me of another of her pieces, od magic, and when the last page was turned, couldn't quite add it to my favorites list. perhaps, i need to re-read it later, mull it over a bit.

i've two other books i picked up at the library, chuck palahniuk's tell-all, and an interesting looking book which delves into the pearl industry, tears of mermaids by stephen g. bloom. hopefully they will be enjoyable reads, but one never knows with palahniuk; i enjoyed reading snuff, but none of his other works captured my attention.

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