my very own

the fiber guild has an offshoot branch dedicated to spinning. last week one of the ladies at the spinning meet mentioned an old spinning wheel that was being auctioned at a local event. i decided to try my luck and to see if it was a working wheel. luckily, from my untrained eye, i thought it was workable; it spun like a dervish, fast and smooth. i guess spinning wheels weren't in fashion that night, as i walked away with it for $50, and the only bid.

some wd40, silicone lubricant, elbow grease, cotton cord, leather, a day or two later, and it spins yarn! fine yarns anyways, no bulky art yarn on this grand old lady. it's a saxony wheel, probably for spinning flax, and it has a name on the side, p. cornyn. sadly though, i have only the one bobbin. anybody with ideas of finding other double drive bobbins for it? a step up from my drop spindle, but not yet the ashford traditional that my heart is set on.


  1. This one looks very 'sleeping beauty' to me. Be careful

  2. definitely, but happily there's no sharp parts! but if it starts glowing...

  3. Hi, Anastasia - the wheel looks great, if you can come across some bobbins you may find you fall in love and don't need an Ashford. Thanks for leaving the messages on my blog. Jean