small works 2011

the five cushions i sewed last year (or maybe it was the year before that) are in a juried show/holiday sale, at my alma mater. i'm tremendously thrilled, and hoping some of them will sell. that would be cool. the exhibitions staff really placed them beautifully; apparently they built custom shelves for them, i like how they become almost wall art. it's interesting how the feel of them changes because they're at eye level.

i plan on participating in more shows next year. there's a new series i've started work on that's been gently simmering in my brain for a couple of weeks now, which i've sketched up drawings of. i'm really excited about it, and will be able to use a lot of the skills i've picked up.  


  1. congratulations - and they do look wonderful. it is encouraging when the people "hanging" the show know what they are doing and respect your work

  2. They are beautiful, I like the way the cushions are displayed, no wonder the staff decided to build special shelves.
    Maybe we should start to look at our work with different eyes, too? Interesting.

  3. thank you! it's really amazing when someone sees something in your work which you couldn't see; you become so enmeshed with your art, it is sometimes difficult to see with new eyes something so familiar.