road trip in the car

jagged mountain peaks, 
shimmering patches of snow, 
snaking roads, 
up and down they go.

rust hued gorges,
tumbled rocks,
tumultuous balance,
flowing water talks.

straight horizons,
specks of black bovine,
rising bluffs,
a flat running line.

windmills whirl,
fenced in fields,
metal grasshoppers,
nothing shields.

roads go over, down,
hidden valleys,
verdant surroundings,
horses graze and dally.

shadowed sun,
among the trees,
patchwork earth,
a nation feeds.

old mountains curve,
whispering leaves,
hidden waters,
land that frees.

gladness sparks,
back to home,
humidity beckons,
i cease to roam.

a poem written of my trip from colorado to georgia, by way of car. colorado, wyoming, nebraska, iowa, kansas, missouri, illinois, kentucky, tennessee, georgia. i think i'm done with road trips for awhile. sleep, uninterrupted, familiar timezone acknowledged; happy to be home. missed my two kitties.

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