towering above them all

well, i received my newest spindle a lot faster than i thought! arriving in the mail on monday, i was able to ply the 1.4 oz of yak/silk singles i had just finished; it would have been a very near thing if i had to ply it on the lark (winding the plied yarn onto the whorl creates a lot more air between layers than singles, so the same amount is nearly double the volume when plied). the swan's shaft is maple, and the whorl is cocobolo. i won't have to make a spindle cosy for it though, as it's a little too big to make travel easy. so, i've started work on a cosy for the kuchulu instead.


  1. I am totally green with envy - and they are not taking orders until the end of June, sob!

  2. i know, i bought the swan from 'the wheel thing', as she had a few left in stock. i've decided to participate in the 'tour de fleece' on ravelry and there's a jenkins team.