challenging silk

as i've been doing a bit of spinning lately, i thought it would be fun to join the tour de fleece on ravelry this year. there's a wildcard team for jenkin's turkish spindlers; and as it's my spindle of choice, i joined them.

focusing on silk and different preparations of it, i've spun up some dyed bombyx brick, 25g of dyed tussah roving, and now some silk noil. the silk noil is the really interesting one, as it's spun similarly to short staple cotton. popcorn garlands come to mind when i look at it. i think i'll keep it as a singles. i have another bag of tussah silk noils which is smoother, no vegetable matter, and looks to be a longer staple length. which i plan on spinning up after this noil.

i love drop spinning; it helps me focus, work through my emotions/thoughts, and forms a kind of meditation practice for me. now if only it burned a significant amount of calories...


  1. love the first picture, you must have wound on very carefully to get such perfection. the spun noil looks like it needs to be touched - such texture!

  2. thank you! it winds quickly after you've done it for a little bit of time; the different colored yarn looks more interesting, though. when i wind on, it reminds me of tamari balls. the noil is very bouncy feeling, i have plans to weave it to really see the slubby effect it can have.