fluidity of motion

i've been spinning some cream cashmere, and progressing slowly, having only started it back in october. but, a few days ago i completed the singles, weighing in at a little under an ounce. plying is usually more alluring for me, as you get to see your work as it will look when finished. it goes quicker too; only two days.

spinning is something i do when waiting, while having a slow time at work, when i need to give my emotions a rest, and something to set time aside to do. i can't say for sure how many hours it takes to create a skein of yarn, there's no log book i record time in; it's more fluent than that.

as well, it takes longer to create a finer thread. i had the dropsies several times; and had to, at the end, freeze my spindle to get the shaft unstuck from the whorl. for now this yarn will remain a lovely dumpling, as i am far away from my skein winder. although it is easier to use it in this form to knit with, i like seeing the skein; it brings truth to the way the fiber rests, and is how i full the yarn.


  1. you must be very careful when winding the spun yarn, it looks beautiful. mine is always higgly piggly. thanks for the tip of freezing to remove the shaft, mine got stuck once and I thought it was a goner..left it for a day or two and it came out.

  2. not too careful, i just follow alongside the last row until i come to the end. it's something i've always done, so it comes mindlessly now. looks pretty too! thanks!
    yes, i read about that awhile back and figured i wouldn't ever need to use it. but, spinning short fluffy fiber thinly produces some dropping of the spindle on the slightly cushioned floor. the shaft was hopelessly stuck, and i didn't want to break anything. so i stuck the whole thing in a bag and froze it overnight. came out with a bit of effort the next morning.

  3. I've already said this on Ravelry but have to say it again this yarn is gorgeous along with your photography!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. :)

  4. thank you! it's something i enjoy doing.