diy tools

i've been seeing a lot of mentions about a "blending board" on ravelry and in spinning magazines. it's a bit of a free hand fiber blending tool, allowing you to "paint" with fibers. i have a set of hand carders, but find that when i want to blend a variety of fibers and colors that it blends too thoroughly and in tiny batches. apparently, this board tool gives you a large surface and more colorblocking capabilities.

so, after a little research, i decided to make one rather than buy a finished product. it's basically a cutting board and a foot of drum carding cloth. hammer in a couple of nails, and it couldn't be any easier to start throwing bits of fiber on, tapping them down with a nail brush, and pulling them off with two dowel rods. the pulling action blends the fibers a tiny bit, and you end up with several rolags, ready to spin. i have to finesse the pulling bit, but overall, i'm really pleased with this tool when i want to make colorful spinning fiber. here's a photo of my second attempt, which i've decided to name unicorn barf:

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