making in response to needing

i've been enjoying a spurt of creativity; setting a goal for the day and finishing it. being out of work has really encouraged me to focus my hours on making things which i could sell. "if you don't have work, make work to sell" is my new motto. in the past i worked on pin cushions, which went over okay, then i created boudoir cushions, which i only sold one of, and now i'm onto tea cosies. this last is probably a reflection of creating something with utilitarian uses and the amount of tea i find myself drinking. i've become something of a teaholic these last months (okay, last two years).

being in japan gave me a great respect for their green teas, as well as an appreciation for the umami and astringency which is a major aspect of ocha. it's a tea which i find myself drinking several cups of during the day, and because of the low caffeine, not suffering from jitters, nerves, and insomnia as a result. i love the roasted hojicha, the refreshing cold barley tea, the sweet uji-shimizu with almond milk, and the green freshness of sencha. although, i do enjoy a good black tea, fruity more often than not, with sweet things. luckily, the second cup brews caffeine free.

a major influence on the tea cosy front, is the work of tara badcock, a fantastic and prolific textile artist in australia. i've enjoyed seeing her pieces for years now, and happen to own an exquisite pincushion and change purse (which i use every day) she created. i've borrowed the ruched edge binding she does for my own cosies, as it adds an element of strong color, and a certain timeless grace. plus, who doesn't love something which is almost heedless rococo? as well, it reminds me of the costumes from marie antoinette, and gowns from that period.

all in all, i figure it's about time to live up to expectations and find my artistic footing. too often i find my creations driven from a certain selfishness; i want what i create, i create in response to things i want.  it's hard for me to part from my brood of artistic expressions. thereby making it hard to earn any money.  well, as it was once said, "onwards and upwards".


  1. Your color selections are wonderful adn love the ruched edge. Found you while browsing about Flickr ...

  2. Wow! These are truly adorable! Awesome! Thanks for posting!


  3. ceodraiocht-thank you! flickr is a great way to find amazing things.

    Gertrude Pelletier- thanks! encouragement is always appreciated!

  4. great motto and the cosies are, well - cosy! bright and cheerful. practical is good, too.

  5. Anastasia - have you gone on a walk-a-bout??

  6. i suppose i am; i'm happiest at home with family, though the location of home is somewhere i have a hard time being. so, i'm trying to find a space for myself where i can have both my family and the freedom to create and find my "art". someone told me recently that no matter my "day job" i am first and foremost an artist. i'm wandering around a place i've known for awhile and trying to see it with new eyes, and discovering where i can fit in for the present.