here is my handle, here is my spout...

i'm on a bit of a kick. after working out the kinks in the first knitted tea cozy, i decided to finesse the idea and created two more. both with a crocheted bottom and open top to slip the teapot into spout first. also, an excuse to use pom poms in something other than a hat.

i've had this super metallic looking teapot for awhile now. there's never been any tea in it, as it just always seemed like a showpiece, rather than a working teapot. it picks up the blues in the pom pom and is accented by the ribbon.

the other one is in yellow hues, and for a larger teapot. both were knit from an alpaca/wool blend bulky yarn and are super soft and squishy.


  1. they are adorable - they make you happy even before drinking the tea. I love the green one with the metallic pot.

  2. thank you! it's been a year of using what's in my stash and celebrating the creative explorations that come from problem finding. it should cease to surprise me, but having less brings more to the creative process.