the coming end of summer

i've collected together all the various bits and pieces of natural ephemera which i've picked up over the years and put them on display. delicate and fragile, they don't do well to be handled overly much; forget dusting. i should get a small bell jar. strange seed pods, feathers, silk bits, seashells, insects, and a skeleton tree frog.

for this year's ga national fair, i've decided to submit some of the handspun i've kept. i've been parting with the majority of what i spin to sell on consignment at the lys. it would be encouraging to win some ribbons, and funds for further purchases. the deadline for submission is coming nigh and i've only two ounces of a dusty stone cashmere remaining to be plied.

i've been busy, but not necessarily creative these last months. however, i managed to sew a new cosy for my porcelain japanese tea pot. using australian merino blanket remnants, natural linen remnants, and wool fiber for stuffing, i created a subtle and tactile two-pot cosy accented with a cognac velvet ribbon and dyed shell buttons. i think it matches the aesthetic of the tea pot beautifully. it's pure pleasure to use them both in my morning tea time routine.


  1. happy you are back.the cashmere is bea-u-tiful, good luck with the fair. the cozy is perfect with the tea pot, enjoy!

  2. thank you! i've only been spinning it for a couple of months...this summer has been hectic with long hours at work and not much energy to post and spend on the web.