something soft

after receiving a 2/3 closed eye head from narae last month, i put her on my desk and all but forgot about the little dear. in a fit of boredom, and seeing that the weather was nice, i took her out to my studio. i really wanted a soft, wisp-like face up, something a bit ethereal. i think she came out rather nice.

i suppose that the only question about changing just the face plate is, "is it now a different personality, or just a different expression of the same personality?". as her face is different, should she no longer be echo but another? hmm, perhaps a new name for this face.

in some cultures there are several names for the different aspects of a certain goddess; the crone, the maiden, the mother. perhaps echo has many aspects. or maybe she is just a nymph who appears differently when away from her source. this could be a tree dryad. lots to ponder!
there are more images of her in my flickr account.

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