that tab icon doo-hickey...

you may notice that there's a little birdie in your address bar above, don't worry i put it there on purpose. i learned a new html trick today, how to make and add a favicon to your blog. what is a favicon you say? well it's that little birdie.
you too can have an image in front of your web addy. just create a 16 x16 pixel image in your favorite image editing software and make it into an .ico file here. if you want the icon on your webpage just follow the instructions in the included readme file.
however, if you want to use it in your blog you need to host the .ico file on a separate server and change the code. there's two changes you need to do to the code:
#1. put the http address of the hosted .ico image in front of the "favicon.ico" part.
#2. use a "/" before the closing bracket. so it ends up looking like this:

you then want to go into the layout area of blogger, click on "edit html" and insert this code under the head tag. that's it.

you're welcome.

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