furniture and accessories

i've finally got around to purchasing the table for the living room. it's very much in the rococo style; all of the gilding and curls as well as the marble top are excessively over the top, it's great. i felt the need to tie it together with a rug from the heather ross fabric collection mendocino, the colors work well in the room and it anchors the furniture. the cork-like blob with the fuchsia pillows are individual seats that i'm thinking of using as chairs for the table; but until i find a painting for the wall behind them they're staying there to fill the space.

another addition is two chairs for the kitchen, painted green. i'm not 100% set on the white cushions, i may change them out for a stained cork. they weren't painted the day i bought them, but i can't leave well enough alone and the kitchen needed another color besides the blue. i took the green from the print hanging by the window. i also made curtains for the kitchen windows, very simple but bringing in the green again.

several days ago i made a table lamp for the little girls room. it's an adorable starfish bead that was yelling at me to make it into a lamp when i spied it in the bead store. it's a nice touch to the room; it lends itself to the modern theme i'm going with.

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