a little bit further

the bathroom is coming along nicely; all it really needs is that little piece of plumbing that would make it usable. what is that thing called? um, a sink? no, have one of those. a bathtub? seeing as it's called a bathroom? nope, criteria met. oh. a toilet, that would be nice. still working on it; it's incredibly difficult to buy a single piece of the bathroom trinity in the dollhouse world. they won't sell you just the sink, or just the toilet. no, you must purchase all three.

so instead of dealing with the issue of acquiring a toilet, i've instead chosen to focus on finishing details. like, a bright floor mat that matches the grass green of the wallpaper, and making a wooden bath mat for the tub. i'm wondering if i should stain the wood to match the stool? but then it may disappear into the flooring, as the colors are very similar. hm, another quandary to contemplate.

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