islands are great

like most people, i have a list of places i would like to see before i pass on. my list contains mostly islands:

new zealand
redwood forest in california

i've been to both holland and the redwood forests, but at such a young age and for so little time that i would like to revisit them.

well, i've decided that my main goal for this year is to go to japan in the fall. i'm learning survival japanese on my ipod, figuring out the rail systems, making lists of things to take, editing said list, turning my wardrobe into a minimalist masterpiece so as to save room in small suitcase, purchasing a small suitcase, renewing passport, searching out hostels to stay at, researching places to go while in tokyo and kyoto, walking to get in shape, and suppressing my obsessive tendencies so that i can last the 8.5 months until i depart.

i'm going by myself and i'm thrilled to be doing it! i can sink myself into the culture as much as i want, practice my japanese without embarrassment and see beautiful places at my own pace; all without someone else to please or be considerate of.

i would like to visit a few places in particular while i'm there:

takashimaya department store
honkenishio yatsuhashi

if there are any suggestions you may have for someplace to see while i'm in kyoto or tokyo, or any helpful ideas on things i absolutely must bring, please leave a comment! thanks!


  1. i'd say bring along your own chopsticks, and a full silverware set wouldn't hurt. i have a bamboo set from to-goware http://www.to-goware.com/store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=7

    also you might want to think about bringing a tiffin like they sell as well so you can easily pack snacks to carry with you, might save you some money.

    check out the moss gardens for me! japan is next on my list of places i want to visit.

    orchid shows also get pretty crazy over there, you might want to keep an eye out for those kinds of events.

  2. i had thought about the chopsticks, and i have a pair that have neat little grooves where you hold the food which makes it easier. but then i got to thinking that they probably have really awesome ones there and it could be something small i could pick up! i definitely need to practice with them though because no matter how often i eat with them i'm still not much better than a toddler!

    orchids are fantastic, i use to have 22 of them before a widespread scale infection knocked out 15 of them. i'll have to keep my eyes peeled. i've noticed that many schedules aren't updated for the fall yet.

    keep the tips coming though!