something's growing in here

well, maybe not. several weeks ago i tried my hand at growing a moss terrarium. it looked lovely for several days; then just kind of, well, died. i do tend to be that person that can't even keep a rock plant alive. weirdly enough though, i do really well with orchids.

while browsing @home yesterday i came across these little planters (they're around 1" deep x 3" long x 1-1.5" wide). there were three left, so i took them all home. remember, i have this fascination with all things miniature.

at first i was just going to uproot another patch of moss from outside and try my luck again at growing something. but when i woke up this morning i received a stroke of inspiration from an interview featured on etsy; i would needle felt some moss for my new planter!

digging into my box of felt, finding the right colors, grabbing my felting needles, i was glad of my crafting material hoarding ways; i didn't need to get in the car and drive an hour away to see my vision to fruition.

i started with a rich chocolate brown for the soil, mixed a lime green with a softer green for the moss, and felted them to fit into the planter, avoiding my fingers as much as possible. when it was done to my satisfaction, i took a regular needle and some thread to make the little spikes. i accented my first one with vintage stamens that i had also picked up. eh, voila! a non dyeing plant that i can put anywhere!


  1. i'm in love with this. the color, texture, container...idea!

  2. thanks! i love when inspiration strikes, and comes out better than mentally pictured.