creative organizing

i started a natural dye sample book to keep track of what i've done so far. when i was working on my kasuri piece i added those yarns to it right after i was done; mostly the tiny remnants which were left after weaving. then, today, while waiting for the mistletoe to simmer, i decided to add cuts of the material i had dyed last year. it's filling up nicely, and i realize that pinks, oranges, yellows, and greens are the only colors i've made as of yet. i need to do some dyeing with purples, greys, and blues.
while i was at it, i made some cuttings to do a lightfastness test. they looked really pretty in the window. i hope they don't fade, or only slightly. i think a part of me likes to remain in denial of the dyes fading, so i didn't do any testing till now. which is a bad way to go about creating things; knowledge gained is never such a horrid thing.


  1. I love the colors, I love your weave projects. It is stunning!
    Weaving is high on my list of "things I want to learn", meanwhile I'll keep enjoying watching what you've made. liefs Hinke

  2. thank you! weaving is very enjoyable; there's so much you can do with the fabric when it comes off the loom.

  3. Beautiful colors! I cannot wait to see what you make!

  4. what kind of things do you make of it? The pink one of a previous post with the open structure, that one is beautiful!

  5. thanks!

    so far, i've made the non-cutting things like shawls, scarves, towels, wall hangings. the other option is to cut it and use like any other fabric, i've made a cushion out of one woven piece.

    the pink one is a wall piece, and definitely no scissors are getting close to it.