pages softly turning

for the last guild meeting we looked into book making, choosing one of four types to create during the meeting. i have some experience of making books by hand, and readily enjoy the process. in the last few weeks i've come to be inspired by the work of wake robin, and feel the growing urges to retry my hand at making more organic freestyle books.

the book style i chose to make has an interesting spine setup whereby the individual codex are slipped into a separate threaded piece which has been glued to the spine after the inside cover paper is laid down. this style is quite useful, as you would be able to carefully remove the pages without ruining the book (in the off chance that you made an error while using the book and a page needed to by torn out; believe me, this happens to me a lot).

i've had these two papers for many years, and bought them at separate times, so i'm quite happy at how well they fit together. the rice paper for the pages is actually one of the earlier additions to my collection (having purchased them at a university store in new york about 10 years ago). at times it is quite useful having a hoard of art supplies!


  1. Very pretty! And what a clever way to slip your paper in!

  2. blushing here, but so glad i've inspired you! make sure you know the basics before you "break the rules" or you will be disappointed. i know what i'm saying from experience (oh there was a weird paper book made all at once, and then the wasp nest paper... common sense has helped many times, but...)

  3. ha ha, yes, structurally sound design sometimes falls at the wayside when being "creative" and "in the moment". i've learned my lesson when studying the methods used in the past, i.e. pollack's anything goes paint, disappearing greens in tapestries, safflower pink.

    what happened with the wasp nest paper?

    i sometimes wonder at the shelf life of spider silk cloth.

    i've become too much a stickler for archival safe, acid free, and lightfast colors. it definitely doesn't help to be living in such a hot high humidity place; if it will rot, swell, mold, or disintegrate it's guaranteed to do so in the least amount of time. plus, we've had a curious amount of ants getting in the house this year, it's incredible what they consider "food".