reading the past

i find myself turning to favorite books when i'm feeling bored and pointless, or if i need a diversion from real life. even though i've read them several times before, i enjoy revisiting their world. perhaps there is some comfort in knowing the ending, and knowing that the words on the page don't change; a solidness to the often fluidness of life.

sometimes i come across a favorite book from years ago and it seems new again; random areas i didn't remember, even though the majority of it is familiar. now and then a past favorite annoys me, and i find my enjoyment of it dimmed. there's a bit of sadness to finding a story that doesn't live up to it's foggy memory. but for each time this happens, there are books which stand the test of time, and are added to my bookshelves for easy access.

my "old faithful" list of books:
the blue sword, robin mckinley
a knight in shinning armor, jude deveraux
the changeling sea, patricia a. mckillip
howl's moving castle, diana wynne jones
sunshine, robin mckinley
get off the unicorn, anne mccaffrey
chalice, robin mckinley
ombria in shadow, patricia a. mckillip
a perfect arrangement, kay gregory
circle of pearls, rosalind laker
the ghost belonged to me, richard peck

have you any favorites you turn to when crisis or boredom strike?

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