fiber mayhem

most people enjoy seeing what others collect during their travels, and me being no different, i will post that which i came home with. i didn't get much of a chance to see asheville, as my stay was so short and the weather was dire at times. but, i still managed to acquire a nice hoard.

one shop in particular stood out, this being a fabric admirers delight, waechters fine fabric, where i found some lovely double faced wool coating which i had been thinking of for a warm and lovely wrap, a woven silk which felt like paper, and some cream dupioni to dye. i will shop here again i think, as it is hard to find such lovely and drapey material to make into clothing.

for the most part i bought fiber, yarn, fabric, a button, and a very unusual tool from the bygone weaving industry. asheville is so much a place for folk art, that i went with a small list of things to look for; fiber, a summer tea cup, and paper to spin. luckily, these things were found and i will be going back for saff in the fall i am sure.

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