a series of entertaining events

having never been to asheville, north carolina, last friday i found myself on the road driving with it as my destination. months ago, i had a desire to see a lavender festival being held in those parts this past father's day weekend, and decided i would go. i invited along my friend for the journey.
up steep inclines, between softly slumbering mountains, along narrow river passes, through mud and crashing raindrops, i drove deep into the appalachians. i enjoy this wilderness, it reminds me of my childhood and teens growing up in the foothills of the adirondacks. there is something so sacred and soul satisfying about this area, secluded though you may be. at times i yearn for city life and the experiences it brings, but trees and mountains calm me and bring a renewal of energies which these bustling places never can.

the lavender was delightful, especially for the buzzing bees which were so much a part of the buds. though we had to cut the visit short for the rain which soaked the earth, i was glad of the journey to such a magnificent place.

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