weaving in three dimensions

since becoming a weaver i've started to pay more attention to baskets. i love to find them in yarn stores being used as display; they feel good together with fiber (a pb & j relationship), their natural hues being a perfect backdrop to the vivid colors. i want to start incorporating them more into my personal life, perhaps even into my artistic life.

my friend bonnie is a basket maker and has many of them about her weaving studio. one particular shape, the egg basket, has garnered my attention the most. she offered to teach me how to make one, and i gladly jumped on the opportunity.

yesterday, we started on a medium sized basket, getting the handle and rim together, but had to put them aside to wait on further supplies. after lunch, we got to making a small egg basket, which enabled me to understand it's construction, and near instant gratification. it's so dainty, it fills the palm of your hands when held together! i love small things.

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