weaving plums and purples

i love the look of entrelac knitting, but don't feel like having a lap full of wool right now. so, instead, i decided to work on some weaving. i chose to mimic the feel of entrelac by using an m's and o's pattern, which created a lovely texture.

looking at my yarn stash, i found several purple hues in my wool box; enough for a shawl. the body of the piece is a tweed wool that has a bit of stretch to it, along with some cochineal dyed merino i did while in japan, grey bamboo, and plumy alpaca (which decided it wasn't going to shrink at all once i fulled the finished piece).

for the shawl ends i finished them by starting and ending the weft with a chain stitch, and tying the warp threads into chunky tassels. i'm very happy with this finish and will use it again.


  1. thanks! this was a fun shawl to weave, and went fast compared to other things i've woven in the past.

  2. Oooo!! I love it! It is beautiful!!!

  3. So beautiful! I find your weaving so inspiring, thanks for sharing : )