mine, all mine! bwahaha!

one thing that happens when you go to a fiber event is that you come home with a lot more fiber than you had. i purchased some yak/tussah, muga silk, red eri silk, and cotswold locks. my teacher was more than generous with fiber, and i was more than greedy accepting it, so i also acquired silk noil, bombyx silk roving, wool, more wool locks, dyed tussah, a couple of silk hankies, and some wool "junk".

today i was thinking i needed some way to organize all this treasure, so i went about making muslin sacks out of some heavy duty muslin i had leftover from a patternmaking workshop. i was able to make nine of them before i ran out of cloth. i also need to get some cotton twine to use as drawstrings. labeled metal and paper tags will go on the cords so that i know what each is when they become a pile of similar muslin puffs. now i'll have no excuse for not spinning, as i am more than amply supplied with fiber. dyeing all this fiber should keep me occupied for some time as well.


  1. love the muslin bags, great idea. looks like you had two very interesting and inspirational workshops.

  2. everyone says plastic bags are fine to store fiber in, but i just don't know. it's way too humid where i live, and i think the fiber needs to breath. plus i like the idea of cloth sacks, it may protect the fiber from the sun as well. once i have the cords in them, i'll feel better; the cats are eyeing the fiber with a twinkle in their eye.