a snowball?

well, i managed to squeeze all of the alpaca on the drop spindle, and it doesn't look so much like a drop spindle as a softball with an antennae (or a jack in the box head). i wound it off, skeined it, and fulled it, and now have a lovely bundle of white alpaca laceweight.

i've been playing with the idea of dyeing it a soft aubergine with cochineal, but figured perhaps the white plainness may work in my favor. maybe. just guessing really. not going on any data to back this hypothesis up. we'll know in a month though, won't we?

the muslin sacks are all sewn up, corded, and tagged. it's a good thing i thought of labeling, as they're mostly indistinct from one another. i feel almost like a bank robber with sacks of money; hey, it's what they look like to me.

after picking up some color grown cotton roving yesterday, i'm down to two empty sacks. hmm. luckily i have enough cord and material for several more, and they're quick and easy to sew up.


  1. I love your muslin bags; what a lovely way to organize your fiber. And I see you work with alpaca a lot, a favorite fiber of mine. Have you tried angora?

  2. thank you! alpaca was one of the first fibers i tried spinning, it is so nice! i haven't tried angora yet as it is a little hard to find quality hand combed angora, and not one that is shaved from the animal. i would like to try though! recently, i purchased some cashmere and some yak, but i have yet to spin them up.

  3. I've come to the conclusion that any kind of bunny, shaved or plucked, is better than any other fiber!

  4. then i will have to try some when next i come across it!

  5. really! woo-hoo! i'm emailing you now. you're not really a hoarder but an angora connoisseur.