kusha cushy

while lusting after the habu projects on ravelry, i decided to go ahead and finally use the cone of silk wrapped stainless steel yarn and some of the slubbed cotton yarn i had purchased several years ago and knit a kusha kusha scarf. because the kit had been discontinued, the pattern is available from purlbee for free.

 i made some modifications to the length, as i did not need to felt it, creating a 51" length. well, that was the goal, 51". but, i ran out of the stainless steel; only remembering afterwards that i had used some of it in a previous shawl. oops. but it's still nice at 42". stretched.

i have my eye on the infinite loop kit vers. 2. hopefully, it goes on sale in december.


  1. Would you believe I tried this as my first knitting project? I bailed but it was a wonderfully enticing project. Will have to pick it up again, I love the subtle pewter look of yours. I'm sure you'll wear it well!

  2. not a bad beginner's project actually! you would just need to know how to decrease, and have several sizes of needles on hand. and lots of hope that you don't drop any stitches; mine came off the needle once and it needed a delicate hand to get them all back on! it's definitely a different feeling scarf, more sculptural and light, but the texture is really neat; you should finish yours!

  3. This is very nice work. I was so impressed with your blog. Refreshing colors, projects and words.