more cowbell!

more halloween! i've created several decorations for the foyer and kitchen, going with purple, orange, and lime green colors. nods to witches, hovering bats, jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs, spanish moss, eyeballs, candles, sweets, a vampire ducky, a black cat, candy corn, a candy apple dipped in caramel and chocolate, and a ghost. at this moment i may be finished, but you never know!


  1. it's strange, but my dollhouse would be my ultimate dream home. now i just need to get to work on that shrinking machine! imagine what i could save on groceries if i were 1/12th scale!

  2. What an amazing doll house! I never had one but always dreamed of one.
    I visited the Angel's Attic Museum in Los Angeles and I was stunned. Yours would be in good company there.

  3. thanks! i sometimes wonder what would happen to it when i pass on...
    there's a dollhouse museum/store about 2 hours from here, and it's fun seeing what people do.
    one thing i know i should do is install electricity in it, but i really don't feel like re-wallpapering.