fall's sudden snow

fields of milk weed,
half open, puffy faced,
seeds floating in the wind
as if mimicking the coming snow. 

a fond memory from my childhood. in my search for fibers which are spinable, i remember the down-like fluff of the milkweed. sadly, they don't seem to grow as far south as me. though, happily, velma sent me a pod along with stem. both can be used, the pod fiber blended with other fibers for a spattering of shimmer, and the baste fiber of the stem can be spun similar to ramie, linen, and hemp. i am enjoying the search for fibers, and learning so much along the way. 

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  1. glad it made it ok. i have dogbane on my porch, and then there's slippery elm and leatherwood and basswood within a few feet of my back door...