just what was needed

yay! the bathroom is now finished (or as finished as any room ever is). i've installed the bidet and toilet, along with a toilet paper stand. the toilet paper stand is a reclaimed fireplace tool holder, painted chrome, and now holding a roll of tp.

the only adjustments i needed to make was paint the bidet and toilet a warmer white. now they match well with the sink and bathtub. i keep thinking the space feels a little big, but if the roof were in place, it would be quite snug, so i won't drive myself kooky thinking about it.

the day was coming to an end, the skies loosing the light of the sun, so the photos are not as crisp as i like. i will take new ones tomorrow.


  1. I still want to know - when can I move in?? Don't think I'd be much good at the dusting. Love the wallpapers.

  2. i don't always like wallpaper in a home, but in the dollhouse it just really suits it.
    when i find that shrink ray, i'll let you know; we can be roomies!

  3. cool!! your fibre pkg. is on the way.