finally found the pearls needed for the head! here's my honey and bee inspired eyepatch; a golden glow which is so warm compared to the weather outside.

i'm still contemplating which one to work on next; i guess it depends on the materials i have on hand.


  1. The pearls really make the bees look real. So cool.

  2. love this one - the bees are bee-u-tiful and the stitching compliments them so perfectly, how did you make the wings?

  3. thank you both! the bees were really fun to make; i wasn't sure how i was going to do them until i started, so i'm so pleased they turned out so well. the wings are cut from the plastic of those stupid plastic packaging everything comes in. then i put a hole in the base using the sewing needle, and sewn in. it's nice to be able to reuse that stuff.