doll's are fun for everyone!

when i saw the monster high c. a. cupid doll, two things struck me; wow, i want those wings, and, she would make an awesome noa. so, after a month of stalking the local walmart, i finally got my chance and picked one up.

even though it's never a good idea to start a project late at night, i went ahead and did it anyway. i removed the face paint, washed and boiled the hair, and then covered it in a stocking so it would lay flat. i also attempted to remove the leg paint so the doll would be completely white, like noa from skydoll. by "attempted", i mean, wasn't really able to completely and that it's still a work in progress.

today, i gave her a haircut, and painted her face from a couple of different inspirations. i decided to keep the really long piece which had made up cupids heart shaped headband, alluding to a tail. still a bit more work to do with removing the leg paint, and then sewing up some clothes. yay!

by now you're probably wondering what the heck a noa is. well, it's the main character in canepa/barbucci's skydoll, a comic from france which i absolutely adore. if your second question is, what's monster high, you probably don't have a daughter under the age of 12. it's a group of dolls based around characters on mattel's webisodes about the children of monsters, and accepting everyone because of their differences. i just think they're awesome, from a doll collector's viewpoint of course. they're so posable and really neat. (but, i have watched all the webisodes since getting my first doll, ghoulia yelps, daughter of zombies.)

the second (well, really the first chronological one) doll i created, is a skeletonized pegasus/unicorn girl. i went to work on it before i saw cupids wings, but once i did, i knew they'd be perfect. they're a backbone with the ribcage forming a heart, see, it goes perfect with the skeleton appendages.


  1. glad you are keeping me educated but think my family would finally commit me to the old folks home if I came home with one of those.

  2. thank you! it's very exciting to play with dolls, erm, "redesign" dolls.

    jean- do you think so? i like to think of them as miniature mannequins for the imagination. plus, there's always the thought that it's grownups who make cartoons, and design dolls, and illustrate books. why should kiddies have all the fun with the end results?