rainbow washi tape

several years ago i acquired some washi tape (there was a craze there for awhile), which i've added to from time to time. but i've always kept them in boxes, and as is prone to happen, out of sight out of mind. yesterday was a grey gloomy day, so i wasn't energized to do much of anything except wander around the internet. i came across several photos of washi tape, and various holders, and recalled that i had some of that colourful stuff; and that perhaps i should display them in a convenient way so that i would actually use them.

eventually i settled on the diy tape organizer. this consisted of hunting down some cardboard rolls of the length to fit in my ikea wooden chest drawers. it's pretty neat how many different sizes of cardboard rolls there are; aluminum foil, parchment paper, paper towels, cling wrap, they're all different circumferences. luckily, the reynolds heavy duty aluminum foil roll fit perfectly inside the washi tape, a little length was taken off, and it fit snugly in the drawer. i made two legs to prop it up so the tape turned freely, and wouldn't roll around when i opened and shut the drawer. i'm really happy with it!

afterwards, i reorganized my thread rack, as it was looking a little messy.

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