maybe this time

you know how sometimes you buy something, like a camera, and refuse to see the obvious signs of "somethings not right here", and when the scales fall from your eyes, it's too late to return said electronic? i did something like that when i bought a digital camera several years back. it's a battery eater, and likes to shut down due to a faulty glitch which shows an inaccurate battery charge which was somehow not grounds for a refund. which i dealt with for awhile by using rechargeable batteries. but then three months ago i dropped it and the battery cover doesn't close all the way and so it only stays on long enough to take 5-10 photos before it demands a battery change. which means it's pretty well tied to home photos only, and the nearest outlet.

the camera i had before that was a regular 35mm film roll-type and was always a gamble on getting any good photos. like that trip to the bahamas where 95% of the photos had 2/3rds sky and just the tops of peoples heads. or the trip to europe which looked like it was nighttime 24/7. oops. mostly user error, by the way, but there's a reason the lcd screen on cameras should be listed as one of the major achievements of the last decade. needless to say, a battery draining camera with an lcd screen far outweighs it's faults when compared to it's predecessors.

so, back to the story, i was walking through a department store the other day and came across a cool looking camera, the nikon 1 j1, in white, and thought maybe it's time to get a new camera. and hey, it's tax time right, so i should be getting something back. i have an affinity for white electronics, they're so clean, and non-heavy looking. what i also liked about this particular camera is that it has changeable lenses, and i could wear it around my neck on a cool strap so that i may actually take photos, which would mean i was a serious artist, and who needs a sketchbook when one has a nifty camera? (all this in the same wishful daydreaming voice which stuck me with braces and glasses; i thought the little neon bands were cool, and that frames were cool, and would make me interesting. until i actually had to wear them, at which time my happy thought bubble deflated.)

i like the wider neck strap which comes with the nikon dslr cameras, rather than the narrower streamlined matching strap the j1 has; it looks like it would distribute the weight better, and be more comfy after awhile. downside being the bright yellow "nikon" and black colorway. but hey, i could recover the strap with a pretty liberty fabric, inspired by karyn from the workroom. the strap along with the j1 should be arriving next week at some time, and i do so hope we'll be friends. and if not, i actually read the return policy this time.

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